News and Analysis (9/9/18)

Trump thinks he can get Palestinians to accept apartheid by “cutting money to cover cancer treatments and other critical care for Palestinians at Jerusalem hospitals” …

… but instead it will stoke the resistance …

… while Iran mocks the Trump regime’s inconsistency in accusing Iran of “‘squandering’ our resources abroad” one week and then of “not financially supported the Palestinians enough” the next:

“There is no evidence that Iran and al Qaeda cooperated in carrying out terrorist attacks, according to a study … based on detailed analysis of documents seized in Osama bin Laden’s hideout after U.S. forces killed the al Qaeda leader in 2011”:

The Trump Administration promised that despite the ban on immigration from certain Muslim countries they would prioritize “the safety of Christians in the region.” Not true:

Apart from the ritual significance of Mecca and Medina, not since the time of Muhammad’s (pbuh) companions had Arabia been the center  of Muslim geography until restoring its position at the expense of the Ottomans became part of modern Britain’s plans for world domination:

[P]rotesters hold Iranian-backed political parties responsible for the mismanagement and poor services in the city” — Prof. Abbas Kadhim, George Washington University:

An expert on the Iraqi military and Middle East history casts doubt on a Reuters story:

“Currency exchange offices will also be allowed to import gold”:

“The single-camera project follows the life of a Muslim woman who has Cerebral Palsy (Zayid), as she struggles to find love, the right career, and discover who she is separate of her opinionated Muslim parents”:

“Video posted on social media allegedly shows Abu Tuyur in a white T-shirt hurling a rock toward Israeli soldiers from a distance then waving at them before he was struck”:






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