News and Analysis (9/17/18)

“Working as an eye doctor in East Jerusalem, I saw first-hand how Israel maims Palestinians as a form of crowd control. Now Trump is cutting U.S. funds to the hospitals that treat them”:

“While the effectiveness of Iran’s online disinformation networks is far from established … a widespread campaign of social media manipulation by actors who are opposed to the government in Tehran has had many analysts eyeing Iran’s enemies for clues to who might be behind the project”:

If at least one “Muslim” character is connected to “Islamist terrorism,” “irrationally angry,” “superstitious, culturally backwards or anti-modern,” “a threat to a Western way of life,” a misogynistic male or an oppressed female, “then the film/show fails the test”:

“This goes against diplomatic norms. Children, spouses and family have nothing to do with political rows”–Ambassador Husam Zomlot:

The impact of Islam on China goes back to the seventh century and Liu Zhi, the “most profound figure in the intellectual history of China … described Prophet Muhammad as a sage who was the “culmination of the achievements of the 10 thousand generations of former (Chinese) sages”:

“The Hollywood Reporter’s Venice review said that while the pic is ‘lensed with great sensitivity and style and superbly acted, it has one drawback for Western audiences in its perplexing plot points based on the local culture and customs'”:

“They say I’ve been ‘forced’ to wear the hijab and that my parents have made me wear it. Believe me, once you’ve met me, you’ll know that I’m not the sort of person who can be made to do anything”:

Spiderman to the rescue: “[I]n a climate in which the religion of Islam and depictions of its adherents are often laughably wrong and usually offensive, here we find an example that is incredibly spot on”:

The “soldiers broke into and violently searched many homes in the town, and interrogated scores of residents, before abducting nine teenage boys. … [T]he soldiers were accompanied by several Israeli intelligence officers, who also stormed homes and buildings” …

… The inequality between “the military and civilian court systems in Israel” is demonstarted by the fact that “Palestinians living in the West Bank are tried and imprisoned by the Israeli military, whose prison system does not typically include an option for parole”:

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