News and Analysis (9/20/18)

“[B]efore and beyond the Zionist abuse of Judaism (similar to the Islamist abuse of Islam in Iran and Saudi Arabia, or colonial abuse of Christianity …) there is an enduring and historically grounded proximity to the Judeo-Islamic heritage which started even before the Golden Era of Andalusia”:

The motives for the Saudi move are unclear but its effect may be to jeopardize the legal residency of Palestinians in Jerusalem who go on the pilgrimage:

“Intensive responsible diplomacy over the last few weeks-pursued in my visits to Ankara & Damascus, followed by the Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit in Tehran and the meeting (in) Sochi-is succeeding to avert war in #Idlib with a firm commitment to fight extremist terror. Diplomacy works”–Iranian FM Zarif:

“Slovak politicians haven’t tried to conceal their motive behind this bill. In fact, they have publicly stated it’s intended to outlaw all aspects of Muslim life in the country forever”:

The director insists “that the play is not a critique of any faith” and that he has taken care to distinguish “between those with a sincere belief in Islam and the Qu’ran and those who manipulate it to serve their own agenda”:

Halley’s idea to focus “the meeting on Iran drew immediate concerns from U.S. allies who believed that the topic would expose sharp disagreements among the United States, France and Britain over the 2015 Iran nuclear deal” …

… while  Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations call out he Israeli nuclear threat, “The United Nations’ members should not turn a blind eye to these threats and must take firms actions to eliminate all Israeli nuclear weapons”:

“A 15-year-old Palestinian teenager was killed and five others were wounded by live Israeli gunfire on the Gaza border on Wednesday” …

… and the Israeli military, which shot over two dozen protesters on Monday defended killing two young civilians (18 and 21) in an airstrike by accusing them of being “terrorists who approached the fence in the southern Gaza Strip in a suspicious manner and planted a suspicious object along it”:

Ramadan’s pseudonymous accuser has “described a scar on Ramadan’s groin as proof they had a sexual encounter, but his lawyers have argued she could have obtained this detail from one of his former mistresses”:

A “spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, claimed eyewitnesses had reported hearing “anti-Islamic” slogans shouted during the incident outside the Hussaini Association community centre” …

… while in Lebanon,”Joint Palestinian Security Forces have arrested a prominent … member of the Lebanese-based Al Qaeda linked group, Abdullah Azzam Brigades”:

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