News and Analysis (10/6/18)

Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Chris Murphy  (D-CT) characterized the event as “another reason why we should probably be rethinking the political and military blank check we’ve been giving the Saudis”:

“The government had ordered last year that all Rohingya inside India — New Delhi puts the figure at 40,000 — be deported. The Supreme Court is considering a petition challenging the order as unconstitutional” …

… while “[m]ember states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), who usually stand by the block’s mantra of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, have now joined the chorus of outrage — calling for prosecutions of those responsible”:

“The government has never brought any charge against Abu Zubaydah, in either civilian or military court, presumably because it understands that he has committed no crime. Instead, the United States is content that he should be forgotten, out of sight and out of mind”:

“Michael Pompeo announced the U.S. was quitting a 1955 U.S.-Iran friendship treaty. … Soon after, National Security Adviser John Bolton said the U.S. would leave an optional part of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that let countries settle disputes with each other in the same court”:

“A two-story house. A couple of jobs. Schools. Donated appliances. … All that’s missing is her husband”:

“[B]arriers to women … are [mostly] cultural; in Islam, men and women have equal spiritual standing. We can see the direction things are moving in. Women are feeling more empowered – their voices cannot be ignored, the momentum is … there. Young women in particular are hungry for change”:

“The lawsuit stated that the jail’s handbook indicated Islamic prayer services are held on Friday in a conference room and Taleem services, or Islamic education services, are held on Tuesdays, ‘but nothing ever takes place on those days’”:

“Rudwan Abu-Rumman, president of the Anne Arundel County Muslim Council, said Grasso sent him a text apologizing for posts criticized earlier this week. Grasso also deleted the posts he shared on his personal page and put a statement on the website for his state Senate campaign”:

“We don’t eat, drink or sleep. Do we stay in other people’s homes? My husband is crippled, we are both old. This is a tyranny” …

… and Israel accuses the demonstrators of “throwing explosive devices and grenades, rolling burning tires and hurling rocks,” yet there were no Israeli casualties:






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