News and Analysis (10/9/18)

Increasingly, “nationalist rhetoric and accusations of terrorism to squelch anyone who might question the state” allows “the authorities to hold people for months without trial” and to impose heavy sentences on “conservatives and liberals alike”:

The CEO of Al Rayan attributes the bank’s popularity with non-Muslims (more than 25% of its customers) to its ethical investment strategy and its inclusion of the customer in the risk-sharing process:

U.S. Aviation workers who were prevented from returning to their jobs as punishment for praying were surprised to hear that they were never fired since “they couldn’t even report for duty if asked to without their badges and uniforms”:

The U.S. wants to give Iran’s money to the families of soldiers who died in the Hezbollah bombing of a Marine base in 1983, even though the bombing was in response to U.S. targeting of Iranian civilians and, in any case, “Iran denies any links to the blast”:

“[P]risoners incarcerated since before the signing of the Oslo agreement in 1993 were supposed to be released as part of a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority but Israel has reneged on their release”:

“One of the demonstrators killed has been identified as a 12-year-old boy”:

“UNHCR and UNDP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Myanmar in early June … to create conditions conducive to the voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable return of Rohingya refugees….  It is clear that none of these conditions have been met”:

“‘The prime minister and the army chief should swear their allegiance to me,’ said Ahmed, who was flanked by his disciples in the video. He also claimed that he was the guardian of the appearance of Imam Mahdi,” inviting Pakistani youth “to take oath of allegiance to him”:

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