News and Analysis (10/15/18)

“Khashoggi told his friends he did not trust the offer or the official delivering it” when MBS’s “information czar,” dubbed “the Saudi Steve Bannon” tried to lure him back to Saudi with promises of a job and safe return:

The U.S. pass given to Sisi’s counter-revolution in Egypt and to “the Saudis’ long practice of kidnapping dissidents abroad and forcibly returning them to the country—as happened to activist Loujain al-Hathloul in the United Arab Emirates in March” paved the way for Kashoghi’s disappearance:

Will the Trump administration “recognize that … the Saudis are pursuing interests that do not coincide with ours … [and] ask the same question posed by Bill Clinton to his aides after his first meeting with Netanyahu: ‘Who’s the f***ing superpower here?'”:

Irfan Ahmad argues that “historical Islam is … a civilization with a tradition of rational and reflexive critique all its own” and “in the course of his exposition, he also offers rich and at times provocative observations on not just Islam, but Western traditions of philosophy, freedom, and social criticism”:

Refusing to “pay the fine of 45,000 shekels ($12,423.05) awarded to three Israeli teenagers, calling the court’s ruling a ‘stunt’ intended to intimidate Israel’s critics…[, the activists] asked people to donate money through website ‘’ to the Gaza Mental Health Foundation”:

Road rage is dangerous–and some people are driven into it to it by the mere sight of a Muslim woman behind the wheel:

David Parnham sent “malicious’ letters and ‘highly offensive’ packages to scores of people and organizations…, some with suspicious white substances, … to mosques, Muslim members of Parliament and Queen Elizabeth, among others … [urging] people to commit violence against Muslims”:

Palestinians who throw rocks at an armed occupation army are shot down, but settlers who kill unarmed civilians peacefully going about their own business rarely face indictment …

… while illegal “Israeli settlements release effluent to the Palestinian sewerage system” and illegal taxes for trans-boundary wastewater and challenges to “access to material and energy … due to siege and blockade of Gaza” impede Palestinian wastewater management …

… and Israeli soldiers are abducting Palestinians in Hebron, where the Israeli government will pay $6.1 million dollars to fund 31 homes in an illegal Israeli settlement …

… and the corrupting influence of government regulation is combined with racism as employers use “manpower quotas to obtain surplus documents, which they then rent out to West Bank laborers desperate to earn a living”:

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