News and Analysis (10/17/18)

To understand certain journalists and politicians, you must remember that “Israel is the prism through which they see the world. Anything that happens anywhere in the world, particularly in the Arab and Muslim world, they twist and turn to a narrative that best benefits their favourite garrison state”:

“[D]espite his deep hatred of the Soviet Union, Reagan … lifted the grain embargo put in place by the Carter administration in response the the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Reagan did so against the advice of numerous figures in his administration” …

… and “it’s not easy to keep the focus on Iran’s behavior when the Saudis are doing terrible things to journalists and dissidents, and bombing children in Yemen” – Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations:

Sisi defends the military takeover of the economy (now over 40%) with the astonishing claim that the military is more efficient than the free market:

Pro-Israel members of Congress push their own plan on the Trump-Kushner model of throwing money at Palestinian leaders to forfeit the property rights and national aspirations of their people …

… supporting Sheldon Richman’s observation that “the Palestine-Israel ‘conflict’ … [is] a conflict in the same way that a confrontation between a car owner and a car thief is a conflict)”:

A “global advocacy advisor for Islamic Relief … speaks … about her own experience of gender inequality, which influenced her campaign work for Muslim women’s rights in traditionally conservative societies”:

“By the time I screen-tested for FBI, the character was no longer Latino and the initials OA had come to stand for Omar Adom. There were lines of Egyptian Arabic woven into the dialogue. There were references to pearls of wisdom imparted by a grandfather back in Egypt”:

“It’s definitely about fostering a dialogue to find solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it’s evolved into pointing out that, in general, Muslims and Jews are in a similar situation. More so Muslims these days” – Scott Blakeman, Jewish member of StandUp for Peace:






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