News and Analysis (8/12/09)

Reflecting the growing concern and importance of water distribution among the regional powers:

“The report by the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee” found that “there is no evidence that any significant amount of the drug proceeds go to Al Qaeda”:

The US promises of protection to the terrorist-listed group conflict with promises to respect Iraqi sovereignty:

Over 200 intellectuals, activists and defenders of rights appeal for UN action against “Ahmadinejad’s illegitimate government that has staged an electoral coup”:

“There has been no real domestic public debate or meaningful congressional oversight over targeted killings, even though their strategic and policy consequences are hotly contested” :

The $2.5 billion dollars requested still pales in comparison to the $68 billion requested by Obama for Defense Department spending in  Afghanistan:

One of the poorest Arab countries, Yemen is at war with Shias, al-Qaeda, and secessionists:


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