News and Analysis (10/22/18)

“Khashoggi’s brave journalism was inspired in great part by Islam, and indicting it on account of the vile actions of the Saudi regime,” is unjust both “to the memory of a courageous journalist … and … to a global religion that stands apart from the vile actions of … any single state or government”:

“Coming from different ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds, the candidates defied the stereotypes of a monolithic Muslim American community that often prevail in media narratives”:

Australia’s PM is being warned against repeating Trump’s mistake …

… while his “announcement last week that he was open to Australia moving its mission from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem … delighted Israel, infuriated Palestinians and was seen locally, where he trails in opinion polls, as a naked grab for votes in Wentworth, the most strongly Jewish electorate in the country” …

… and in the U.S. “the vast majority of anti-Muslim campaigns have ended in failure — even with clearly credible candidates and in places where President Trump is popular”:

“As Anglo-Islamic relations blossomed” because of the Anglo-Muslim alliance against their common enemy of Catholic Spain, “the arrival in 1600 of Muhammad Al-Annuri, the Moroccan ambassador to Elizabethan London, is said to have been Shakespeare’s inspiration for Othello”:

“The real reason the Liberal government hasn’t been able to re-establish relations with Iran is due to its adherence to a ‘stupid’ Canadian law allowing the seizure of Iranian assets, says Canada’s recently expelled ambassador to Saudi Arabia”:

“Unlike in other communities, among Muslims, it is easier to marry off educated daughters. In Muslim societies, marriages between low educated males and highly educated females is acceptable”:

The “first planned city in the West Bank built by and for Palestinians” will include a mosque and a church and can proceed to fruition after Israelis reluctantly agreed to allow its citizens to have water:

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