News and Analysis (10/30/18)

American Muslims are united in condemning the terrorist murder of Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue and in offering support …

… while an Islamophobic former FBI agent has “posted an inflammatory tweet claiming the Democratic party was responsible for the man accused of killing 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue”:

Is there a “Trump defense” for those would mass murder members of a minority group vilified by the President or his supporters?

“The violent repression of IMN and the detention of its leader have drawn accusations that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is abusing human rights” and “has sparked fears that IMN could become radicalised” as was Boko Haram “after police killed its leader”:

“We Shiites are proud that our noble marjas have never gotten permission from any power but glorious God and have not been bound by the constraints of any political and economic bodies” — Elisa Hazrati, a member of parliament and managing director of the reformist Etemad newspaper:

Canada tries to impose its own perverse version on “Shariah law” on Muslims by banning adoptions by Muslims:

The “Palestine Liberation Organization described the killing as ‘a clear war crime in violation of international law’ and called on the ICC to move forward with an investigation”:

“Contaminated and scarce water owing to Israel’s brutal siege and bombing of infrastructure leads to death and disease”:

“The Muslim group last week made the highest offer for the chapel in the northern city of Bergamo at an auction organised by a local hospital, outbidding the Romanian Orthodox Church which had been using the building for its religious services”:

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