News and Analysis (8/13/09)

“‘These deaths stand out because the civilians were in groups waving a white cloth, T-shirt or scarf, and no Palestinian fighters were in the area at the time,’ the report said”:

As women organize to vocalize their political beliefs in the upcoming election…

… Hannah Wright points out the lack of gender diversity in Fatah’s new leadership, which does not include  a single woman:

Local authorities defended their position stating regulations dictate “that garments bigger than standard swimsuits, including men’s board-shorts, could not be worn in pools for hygiene reasons”:

By discouraging participation and threatening violence on those who seek to use democracy, the Taliban further damage the integrity of their rule:

At least 75,000 expatriate workers return to Egypt, a country which received $8.56 billion in remittances in the 2007-08 fiscal year:

Humor provides an outlet for frustrated Afghanis who push the limits of political criticism:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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