News and Analysis (11/7/18)

“During her tearful primary election victory speech in August, with her immigrant mother by her side,” Rashida Tlaib, “the daughter of Palestinian immigrants … said relatives in the West Bank were watching her success. ‘It just shows how incredibly wonderful our country can be'”:

“[T]he future head of the Church of England ‘thinks Islam can teach us all a way of understanding and living in the world, which sadly, he believes, Christianity is poorer for having lost'”:

The “fiery, young, shirtless Palestinian rebel wielding a flag of Palestine in one hand and a slingshot in the other at an Israeli blockade” whose image was “compared to the iconic Eugene Delacroix painting of the French Revolution, Liberty Leading the People” has reportedly been shot:

President Macron warned “that the nuclear non-proliferation regime itself is at stake,” and Europeans see no advantage to themselves in turning Iran into a failed state or further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Syria:

“Iran Telecommunications Minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi … said that Iran would sue Israel over the attack through the International Court of Justice”:

“BGP attacks are not uncommon, with Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and YouTube all becoming victims in recent years”:

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