News and Analysis (11/9/18)

“A Jordanian source, with an inside knowledge of his country’s diplomatic affairs, told MEE that the Saudi decision is part of a bilateral agreement with Israel to put an end to the ‘Palestinian identity and the right of return for refugees”:

Despite expressions of human rights concerns over life imprisonment for leading an opposition party that sought “a constitutional monarchy and an elected prime minister”, but was accused of “spying on behalf of rival gulf state Qatar,” the U.S. “will not seek to impose sanctions over the matter”:

The city of Troy “has approximately 53 places of worship within its 33.6-square-mile border but not one for Muslims…. Adam Community Center sued five months after the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals indicated there was no acceptable place in the city left for the group to build a mosque”:

The assailant was “charged with bias intimidation, simple assault and terroristic threats”:

Liz Bucar‘s study of Muslim fashion taught her that “modesty does not look the same everywhere, … Muslim women don’t need saving [, and] … Muslims contribute to mainstream society”:

Israel attempted to excuse the murder with vague claims that two men were trying to “sabotage” the fence:

The head of the Islamic-Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites wants the holders of the  keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to give them to another member of the family after a house owned by the current holder mysteriously ended up in the hands of Zionist extremists:

The city of DeSoto honored the late imam who was a member of the Minaret of Freedom Institute Advisory Board and “the first Muslim to recite the invocation on the floor of the U.S. Senate”:






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