News and Analysis (8/14/09)

Ahmed Wali Karzai also revealed that a number of tribal militias will be used in the south to help guarantee security, “a move that has been denounced by democracy activists who fear it will make electoral fraud easier”

Reelection for President Karzai may not be as easy as initially predicted…

… Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch accuses President Karzai of making “an unthinkable deal to sell Afghan women out in the support of fundamentalists in the August 20 election:”

Despite the wave of violence, there seem to have been “no retaliatory strikes that could spark the cycle of sectarian violence that engulfed the country in civil war three years ago”:

Using a strategy that focuses on long-term objects, Gates reiterates that rebuilding Afghanistan is  “a decades-long enterprise”:

Deficits in funding and communications technologies will challenge the ability of Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, and Niger to coordinate an effective strategy against AQIM:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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