News and Analysis (11/14/18)

The new Congress may gave us a glimpse into a conflict between the imperialism of Carolyn Maloney’s “feminism from above, bestowed on black and brown women by white ones” and “the progressivism of [Ilhan] Omar and [Rashida] Tlaib represents feminism from below“:

“Many critics and observers … believe that the new token, controlled by the government, would take away some cryptocurrency characteristics, including anonymity and decentralization”:

“The Islamic Revolutionary Court … executed Vahid Mazloumin and his “accomplice” Mohammad Esmaeil Ghasemi … [on charges] ‘disrupting the economic, foreign currency and monetary system’ through ‘illegal deals and massive smugglings of foreign currencies and gold coins'”:

“If Tehran pulls out of the 2015 deal, it could have a weapon in a matter of months”:

“The MEK’s efforts over the past two decades to convey a benign public image completely at odds with this internal reality … has required money—lots of it” including an estimated $180,000 paid to John Bolton “for his multiple appearances on behalf of the group.”:

Palestinians are willing to accept the Egyptian brokered ceasefire but Israel uses the violence it unleashed by its deadly raid on Gaza as an excuse for war:

“Inspired by Mu’min’s own upbringing within a thriving Black Muslim community in the Bay Area, Jinn examines how identity is formed by religion, family, and relationships”:

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