News and Analysis (11/16/18)

A “record 55 Muslims won election last week from federal to local offices” …

… the victories of Muslim women have been especially meaningful to Muslim girls:

The first note said “You are a terrorist.” The second said “I will kill you.” The police have been called in but the girl’s family “says they just want the person responsible to come forward, so they can turn this into a learning experience” …

… while in Israel a “proudly Zionist” school bullies two of its students for silently demonstrating solidarit with Palestinian victims of Israeli brutality:

The Trump administration seems willing to buy the Saudi retread of the story that Khashoggi’s murder was not premeditated but Congress is not:

In classical Muslim society there were numerous cases of Jewish senior ministers. Morocco has one right now:

The legislation asks the State Department to consider targeted sanctions for individuals responsible for alleged human rights abuses in China” and for “an interagency report on the number of persons detained in the camps, camp conditions, and the number who are arbitrarily detained”:

“The Saudis are very angry at Trump. They don’t trust him any more and feel very strongly about a cut. They had no heads-up about the waivers”–an anonymous “senior source”:

What could possibly motivate Iran to support Sunni extremists like the Taliban? A Woodrow Wilson International Center Scholar suggest the answer is U.S. foreign policy:

“Amnesty called the trial ‘inherently unfair’ because they were denied access to lawyers of their choosing and had no chance to appeal the court’s ruling. Additionally, the televised ‘show trials’ were alleged to be embarrassing to the prisoners”:

A pollster reports that over the past three years Iraqi “Shiites who believe that Iran is a reliable partner in Iraq has decreased sharply, from 76 percent to 43 percent, over the same period. Those who believe that Iran is not a reliable partner increased from 24 percent to 55 percent”:






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