News and Analysis (11/19/18)

The PA’s plan to force Palestinians into a social security system squeezes workers already saddled with debt with no way to guarantee a payoff in their old age:

“The Trump administration says the point of these sanctions is to punish the Iranian government. But, Kamyab says they’re actually punishing [American] business owners like him” …

… and “[w]ith commercial ties dating back to the ancient Silk Road, many Chinese companies have said that they will still find a way to do business in Iran, despite the threat of US punitive actions” …

… while in Iran four have been arrested as U.S. sanctions are pushing workers into the arms of socialism as employees “at Iran’s oldest sugar cane company went on strike on Saturday over unpaid wages, calling for the troubled factory to be nationalised”–hardly the regime change we want:

The “change, proposed by Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who is Muslim, clarifies the 180-year-old rule against wearing hats on the House floor to allow for religious headwear, including headscarves”:

The Chinese government claims those in the camps are taught Mandarin and given “vocational training to help them get a job” but those who have been held in the camps report indoctrination and say “they were constantly hungry. And before they allowed them to eat, they had to chant, long live Xi Jinping” …

… and one city now demands that anyone guilty of such “crimes” as living “in accordance with the Koran, … banning alcohol, smoking and dancing at weddings[, or] … rejecting government provided housing, subsidies and cigarettes or booze as being ‘haram’ … turn themselves in” within 30 days:

“In recent months, some European banks have refused to process payments even from Iranian firms that are exempt from sanctions out of fear of U.S. penalties, according to people familiar with the transactions”:

“The announcement … is aimed at legitimizing some illicit gold mining activity in the country as well as creating more jobs and giving a boost to the economy. … “Coin demand was healthy as the Iranian central bank increased the amount of gold coins released to the market”:

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