News and Analysis (11/28/18)

Khashoggi killing revelations pile up:

Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani warns that lest worker’s legitinmate demands “become an excuse and an instrument for the enemy and creation of disorder in the country … the government must address workers’ problems ‘immediately'”:

A study of Duncan Hunter’s Islam-bashing ad shows that while Democrats who merely “watched the ad were nine points less likely to support Hunter, … Republicans’ support for Hunter dropped 22 points after they read criticism of the ad”:

Haji Mohammad Salish called for banning the Social Democratic Party of India after it protested the play, saying, “Our Constitution has given the right to practise religion freely. If a girl has performed azaan in a play, it is not against Islam”:

A “federal judge says despite ‘serious reservations’ he is dismissing the suit. The judge writes that active-duty personnel, even trainees, cannot sue the military in civil court”:

“Israeli rights group B’Tselem said the high court was “sanctioning the broadest move to dispossess Palestinians since 1967”, when Israel occupied the city, the West Bank and Gaza Strip” …

… “It is difficult to imagine obtaining justice for prisoners when the very foundation of Israel violates international humanitarian law”:

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