News and Analysis (12/18/18)

“[I]n the wake of Hurricane Harvey … the town of Dickinson, Texas — near Houston — required people who wanted to get Hurricane Harvey relief funds to pledge to not boycott Israel”:

A businessman adds his voice “to a steady chorus of American citizens with Middle Eastern surnames who have seen their bank accounts suddenly frozen or closed with little or no explanation or threatened with both”:

“The present U.S. administration’s policy toward Saudi Arabia’s unelected crown-prince mirrors the 25-year relationship the U.S. had with the unelected shah of Iran.” (And where do you think that might lead?):

In addition to the oppression suffered by Uighurs in the concentration camps, “the Chinese government is … forcing some detainees to work in manufacturing and food industries” …

… but “political and economic factors, including concerns about losing out on vast Chinese investments, have kept Pakistan and other Muslim countries silent about the plight in China of fellow Muslims, the Uighurs”:

“My wife’s calling me every day. Wanting to kiss and hold our son. For the one last time. Time is running out”:

“Once celebrated as esteemed experts, they are now branded ‘spies’ and national security “threats” by the state, only because their scientific findings and opinions do not seem to fall in line with the government’s policy plans”:

“[B]lockchain can streamline cumbersome bureaucratic procedures, and that the department [for science and technology] would put its best efforts into enabling and supporting private sector blockchain initiatives” — report:

The only person modern Israel has executed through a judicial process has been Adolph Eichmann; now the apartheid state considers adding capital punishment to the methods by which it kills Palestinians:

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