News and Analysis (8/17/09)

“[D]espite the belief of many in the West that such accusations are merely political rhetoric, Iran’s political hardliners do appear to believe that Western nations are actively seeking to start a ‘velvet revolution’ in Iran”:

“The reality of Fatah’s conference was a good deal different to how it was portrayed in many typical western media reports”:

Very likely to pass if put to a national vote, the referendum would move up the targeted withdrawal date of December 2011 by almost a year …

… Meanwhile, Al Qassemi challenges Arab leaders to initiate stronger diplomatic ties with Iraq, which is quickly rebuilding as a regional power:

As candidates lobby in hopes of challenging Karzai’s rule …

… Security concerns speak to the weakness of Afghanistan’s democracy:

Even as the end of Mubarak’s rule approaches, democracy is unlikely to return to Egypt:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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