News and Analysis (12/22/18)

For the second year Muslims will “relieve Christian volunteers at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church” to provides”a break for Manna Community Meal volunteers so they can prepare their family’s holiday meals”:

When Islam turns statist: “Once ‘Islam’ is injected into public debates, how citizens interpret their religion is transformed from a private act of faith into a matter of national security”:

Chinese concentration camps, mass slaughter in Myanmar, pogroms in India, mowed down (along with Christians) in Palestine, demonized and persecuted in the U.S. and Europe, and mistreated in the Muslim world:

“Many Iranian ex-pats see the company’s interpretation of sanctions as overly broad, going far beyond the actual restrictions put in place by the US government. ‘They are either incompetent at OFAC interpretation or racist’:

Right-wing extremists in America “and the Middle Eastern despots they say they despise” unite to smear two Muslims and a Palestinian Christian democratically elected to Congress …

… and the “director of Israel outreach” for Turning Point USA tells students to ” reject calls to find unity” with the words “Screw that — I don’t want to live in peace with you, you’re a terrorist” …

… while Israel continues to terrorize the Palestinian, health workers and journalists as “[s]ome 40 Palestinians, including four medics and two journalists, were wounded by Israeli forces in weekly Gaza rallies” …

… and Messianic Jews and “Evangelical Christian partners and their allies in the US Republican Party … [push a plan] to boost the ratio of Jews to non-Jews living in Israel, thus ensuring continued Jewish dominance”:

“Families of the two victims, one a 12-year-old boy, say they won’t give up on justice as those convicted plan appeal”:

A new poll of Palestinians shows about “two thirds are dissatisfied with the reconciliation government, … demand the resignation of president Abbas [and] three quarters … reject] the Trump peace plan”:

“We pose no threat to any country but if the enemies … attack us we will be absolutely aggressive and attack the enemies with all might and we are practicing these tactics in these exercises”:

Slack “had cut off people who weren’t logging on from countries impacted by sanctions or embargoes”:






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