News and Analysis (12/24/18)

“For yet another year, Gaza’s Christian minority celebrates Christmas under siege, unable to join family in West Bank” :

A call “for Muslims to stay away from Christmas celebrations drew a sharp rebuke from a vocal critic …, saying the Islamist party is suffering from a failure to appreciate Islamic teachings as well as multiculturalism” …

… and the Queen’s consort send a Christmas message sharing “her experience as a teenage student where she celebrated Christmas along with her Christian schoolmates while not neglecting her faith as a Muslim” …

… and “Christians reject Islamophobia because Jesus calls us to love our neighbors—and we have a special obligation to make sure Muslim Americans know that the religious right doesn’t speak for Christianity”:

The bill would mandate that the “President shall impose 5 or more of the sanctions” to punish any “dealings in Iranian digital currency by a United States person or within the United States are prohibited”:

“Out of 80% girls who acquire education across India, nearly 90% of them are Muslims…. Also, they are in better health as they wash hands five times a day:

“Earlier this month, Israeli authorities have issued a decree barring the Ministry of Health from importing vaccines, starting from the beginning of the year 2019, which put the supply of vaccinations at risk.”

As Iran’s first vice president calls “for proper management to facilitate the release of the goods, to supply country’s basic needs in times of sanctions” …

… that are hurting Iranians badly, even lethally, but people ” blame the American administration more than their own government”:

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