News and Analysis (12/30/18)

Safeidin Chapman is released after ten years in jail for playing paintball after the Supreme Court rules defining as “violent” acts that involve neither violent actions nor intention are unconstitutional:

‘Journalist Rania Khalek, whose video was restored after public outcry, says the ability of social media giants “to disappear content as they please” is “creepy and alarming and should be loudly opposed'”:

“[T]he appeal was based on the fact that owners of the land in question have deeds proving ownership and therefore the land should not be classified as state land as claimed by Israel”:

Detained “legislators, journalists, women, and children” are among those subject to “solitary confinement, in small, cold, damp cells, with no covers. Detainees are subjected to high fines, torture, extended interrogation”:

As immigrant children die in American detention, “a non-profit Muslim charity from Dallas” has “treated 13 sick families so far, including an infant they sent to the emergency room” :

She “has helped more than 1,700 women escape from problems including forced marriage and honour-based violence” because her “faith tells me I need to stand for equality and justice”:

As government authorities pat down and detain Muslim women for, and even strip women of, their modest dress, Nike, Gucci, Versace, “and other luxury brands” rush to embrace, and capitalize on, it:

First Pakistan, then Malaysia, and now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have spoken up:

Has Trump’s squeeze on foreign investment provoked a surge in Iranian domestic enterprise? “The volumes of investments show a 59.3% and 133.7% growth respectively compared with the same period of last year” …

… and the sale of kiwis alone has jumped 300% thanks to the fall of the rial:

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