News and Analysis (1/13/19)

Rubio failed in his attempt to pressure pro-Israeli senators embarrassed that the bill to send Israel $38 billion and to take away Americans’ freedom to boycott its apartheid policies got precedence over ending the shutdown :

Tarrant County, Texas, Republicans “voted overwhelmingly against the removal of one of their party leaders … not over qualifications or any misdeed … [but] whether [his] Muslim faith disqualified him from the job”:

“A Muslim family went to a hospital in Northern Virginia to celebrate a joyous occasion: the birth of a newborn baby” but they say that a hospital supervisor told the veiled women, “‘Nobody wants you here”:

Vallelonga apologized especially “to the brilliant and kind Mahershala Ali, … all members of the Muslim faith” and his “late father who changed so much from Dr. Shirley’s friendship,” promising the lesson is not lost on him”:

In addition to shooting a woman in the head the government wounded over two dozen others, “including two members of the media and one paramedic”:

“The British-Iranian dual national plans to strike for three days in protest against being denied medical care in Tehran’s Evin prison, but will consider extending the protest if her demands to be seen by a doctor are not met”:

“Poland, led by a right-wing populist government, is a long-standing American ally that has better relations with US President Donald Trump than other European powers such as Germany and France”:






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