News an Analysis (1/19/19)

A Texas Congressman who has no problem with de rigueur junkets to Israel pulls out the stops to prevent his colleagues from meeting the victims of the apartheid state …

Lest they lose sleep at night about giving billions of dollars to Israel after witnessing racist practices such as this:

The Justice Dept. says Hashimi has been arrested as material witness, but Iran claims she has been “treated disrespectfully by American authorities, who reportedly removed her headwear and fed her pork” …

… and PEN America has asked “whether she is being targeted either for her documentary work about Black Lives Matter or as a retaliatory action in response to the Iranian government’s detention of American citizens”:

If the report’s release was delayed for two years out of fear we might actually learn from history …

… such a fear was unjustified in the case of John Bolton:

Each hadith in this collection reminds us “that for nearly every accepted fact of Islam, there exists another element within the expansive Islamic tradition that competes with, complicates or questions it”:

“‘[W]icked men’ invaded his West African village, murdering many and absconding with others” to South Carolina, where they sold him to a “weak and wicked man…, a complete infidel who had no fear of God at all”:

Perhaps the U.S. hopes the conference can leverage European unease with Iran’s ballistic missal program, “given that threats and pressure haven’t persuaded Iran” to negotiate bilaterally:






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