News and Analysis (2/2/19)

“I believe that art in the face of censorship is like water in the face of a stone. The water will find a way to flow around it” — Asghar Farhadi:

A federal judge’s denial of a stay of execution because the man is denied the presence of a Muslim religious adviser in the death chamber is the equivalent of denying a Catholic the last rites of the Church:

There is “a growing generational divide … pitting an old guard of stalwart supporters of Israel against an ascendant wing of young liberals — including many young Jews” critical of Israeli human rights violations:

After “a Tel Aviv event sponsored by U.S.”, “IAEA calls pressure on Iran monitoring ‘extremely harmful’”:

“I reported on everything people did….  … [A] long beard or some religious text on your phone, … [having studied] abroad or .. a long-distance phone call with someone overseas … could all land you in detention”:

With the Iran Venezuela Bi-National Bank, Iran tied its fortunes to a loser due to “low volumes of bilateral trade, problems of transparency, currency fluctuations and Venezuela’s aversion to using hard currency:

“The founder of Tell MAMA and director of Faith Matters says that not “all Muslims in [the Birmingham] area would object to a school’s project that challenges bigotry”:

The “ban on dog walking is not being taken very seriously,” according to one owner who said, “Teddy and I walk in a park in the Shahram neighborhood everyday, and the police are actually very friendly to us”:






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