News and Analysis (2/4/19)

“Iran hopes to develop and implement the free circulation of fiat-backed crypto, which could be used by ordinary citizens and banks in financial operations”:

Omar, “one of only two members of Congress to openly support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, serves as a member of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee”:

“Leaders said the group is self-funded and used donations to purchase the cars and navy blue uniforms for its members, many of whom are involved with the Muslim Community Centre in Sunset Park”:

Concerns over the return to power of a supporter of the MEK terrorists, a supporter of “enhanced interrogation,” and a man “convicted of lying to Congress over “illegal financing of Nicaragua’s Contra rebels”:

A strong central government, exclusion of Muslims and Christians from an otherwise broad definition of “Hindu,” protection of cows contribute to the disadvantage of religious minorities and outcasts:

Populations of Muslim majority countries have a more favorable view of Christianity than the population of Christian majority countries have of Islam:

The Iraqi president “said on Monday that the US … should stick to fighting terrorism and not pursue other agendas”:

The OIC called Israel’s “decision to suspend operations of an international observer force in the city of Hebron, after 20 years … a blatant violation of the Geneva Conventions and the international law”:






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