News and Analysis (2/13/19)

“Although the Trump v. Hawaii decision was a setback, the Supreme Court did not settle the question of whether the ban violates the Establishment Clause in that decision”:

“[C]ontributions from AIPAC members [have] often constituted roughly ten to fifteen per cent of a typical congressional campaign budget,” but there was no stopping the “cascade of charges that Omar is anti-Semitic” …

… and the “critic who provoked … [Omar’s] tweet … ironically charged that Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Tom Steyer, prominent wealthy Jewish-Americans, were trying to ‘buy’ the election”:

From Christians and Muslims, from liberals and conservatives, comes widespread horror at the Supreme Court decision to prefer the convenience of executioners over freedom of religion:

“The Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) provided hotel rooms for all 28 residents of Tent City 4, an encampment in Issaquah”:

The author of Islam for the Politically Incorrect argues that Joram van Klaveren’s conversion to Islam less like a vegan becoming a carnivore and more like “a committed soda drinker switching from Coca Cola to Pepsi“:

A Palestinian and an Israeli advocate “a shared struggle against powerful institutions and systems of violence” instead of a coexistence between “white saviors” and their “black/brown victims”:

“Muslim women have always interpreted the call for modest clothing in diverse ways, with styles that allows for personal creativity and social commentary”:

The photographer says her “picture was for her people and not for ‘men in Washington'”:

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