News and Analysis (2/16/19)

The man who happens also to be the personal attorney of the President of the USA, suggested that peace in the Middle East “would only come when Iran was ruled instead by his clients,… an exile group of former terrorists”:

With the FMs “of three Arab countries … harshly attacking Iran and defending Israel, and in one case saying that confronting the Islamic Republic is more pressing than solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” …

… sharing “the stage with an Israeli prime minister at a summit that didn’t even pretend to address the Palestinian issue clearly signaled that autocratic Arab rulers have openly abandoned the Palestinians”:

Washington decision-makers seeking  to affect the future of Iran court disaster if they fail “to understand that the Iranian regime is extremely complex and that there is immense diversity among the Iranian people”:

Judges unanimously “rejected US claims the case should be thrown out because Iran had ‘unclean hands’ from alleged links to ‘terrorism’, and the international tribunal in The Hague did not have jurisdiction”:

“An assignment or presentation may be poorly phrased, but it does not rise to the level of being unconstitutional unless it’s part of a clear pattern”:

“[E]viction may amount to a forcible transfer, which is a grave breach of the fourth Geneva Convention”:

“Armed with video cameras and donning blue vests, the activists say they will replace the Temporary International Presence in Hebron” …

“Movement and life in the West Bank are governed by the whims of the Israeli security apparatus, which has set up hundreds of checkpoints, gates, … barriers, forbidden and segregated roads and … [an] apartheid wall”:

“We represent Islam … that is … tolerant, liberal, plural, and even accept some of the values of the west” –Anwar Ibrahim:

“The Iranian government is engaging with blockchain startups that are laying what could be the groundwork for a new token ecosystem” …

… but while “[s[ome recent media reports claim that Iran has /launched’ a state cryptocurrency based on gold called the Peyman. What really is happening, however, is less dramatic”:

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