News and Analysis (2/21/19)

A database “tracking the movements of more than 2.5 million people in a region where authorities have waged a crackdown on Muslim minorities … was left unprotected for months” …

… while in the U.S. “a federal official recently acknowledged in a court filing that more than 1,400 private entities received access to” a terror watch list that “the government had insisted that it did not generally share”:

“A US court of appeals has resuscitated a civil damages lawsuit by a group of Palestinians claiming support for genocide against tycoon Sheldon Adelson, … Elliot Abrams, … and a range of banks”:

“Muslim female narratives are often co-opted by everyone who isn’t a Muslim – rarely will you hear authentically, or in an unfiltered way from Muslim women, and it is really unfair” …

… “Whenever Islam takes centre stage in national conversations, it’s always the views and opinions of Muslim people – women in particular – who are considered last or not even entertained at all” …

… so pay attention to the exception, as Anila Baig explains “that in the Koran there are strict rules about warfare. You are not even allowed to harm a tree, so targeting children at a pop concert is completely unthinkable”:

“Members of the Trump administration have been providing support to a political sect that … [f]ormer members say it subjected followers to torture and psychological terror”:

“Can it really be in the United States’ rational policy interest to try to get Iran to resume all of the nuclear activities that are prohibited by the agreement?”

“It’s not just a basketball game for you guys; this is real life. You’re doing something super important. I don’t think you realize you’re changing the opinions of people who have never seen a Muslim person before”:

“[T]he community is politically diverse, with conservatives … and liberals…. But post-9/11 ‘Islamophobia’ is the biggest unifying issue”:






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