News and Analysis (2/24/19)

Iranian funds designated for “hostages and their families” are diverted to “relatives of 9/11 victims … despite the fact that the official report on the 2001 attacks ‘found no evidence that Iran . . . was aware of the planning’”:

“Murad and his transition body will form a cabinet as well as pass laws until the temporary arrangement ends with the election of a regional parliament in May 2022. …The national government retains police powers”:

Israel provocatively detained a waqf official after the Jordanians, fearing tensions will be escalated by Kushner’s  soon-to-be announced “Deal of the Century,” added Palestinians to the administration of Muslim holy sites:

Amid rising cow-related violence, a dairy farmer with two cows and seven children is murdered on suspicion of intending to kill his stock for meat. Was he killed by vigilantes or by the police? …

… “According to one survey, it is found that hate speeches by elected leaders increased by five times since BJP came to power in 2014. A report … says that in most of the mob lynching cases culprits remain unpunished”:

Getting permission for an emergency landing in Iran was easy, but getting an American waiver of the Iran sanctions to enable a repair for the plane to return to Norway took over two months:

“In its obsessive campaign of stoking maximum hostility toward Iran, the Trump administration is isolated except for partnering with Iran’s regional rivals, which means Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates”:

China offers its concentration camps as a model for the rest of the world. “Diplomatic sources told Reuters last week that Western diplomats would attend” its outreach program :






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