News and Analysis (2/26/19)

Most see Macron’s plan to create “a French Islam … as either a patronizing intrusion into their personal lives or a surreptitious expansion of the police state”:

MbS, “keen to refurbish his personal image and standing, now found himself in the quagmire of India-Pakistan disputes…. Never have two joint statements been subjected to such close scrutiny”:

The dean of medicine at the University of Malaya acknowledged a global “‘tipping point’ on the use of the death penalty in relation to drugs amid growing recognition that capital punishment was an ineffective deterrent”:

The “presidential chief of staff, in a tweet, ‘strongly denied’ that President Hassan Rouhani had accepted the resignation” but Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, “Zarif is gone. Good riddance”:

Kushner admits what we already knew, that the main objective of his secret Middle East plan is to make Iran rather than Israel the pariah of the region:

Before Black History Month ends, take advantage of it to remind you to read up on the essential connection between Islam and the African-American experience:

Not all Muslims, not even all “radical Muslims” oppose vaccination campaigns. “Hostility and suspicion .. must be understood in the context of” groups marginalized by states allied to the West:

“Qatar’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister … [urges] international powers” to approach the Middle East more inclusively, “saying one-sided initiatives that excluded either the Iranians or Palestinians [won’t] work”:

Israel denies that Kufr Aqab “residents were paying taxes without receiving any services” but them why no sewage services and the dependence on the PA for police services and on Palestinian companies for utilities?

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