News and Analysis (3/1/19)

If a U.S. citizen joins a terrorist organization at war with the U.S., you would expect the government to prosecute her under U.S. jurisdiction. Not the Trump administration:

Although the author finds that Islamic “concepts or practices that express religious freedom … fall short of a full and broadly” respecting that right, the “Muslim world … contains the potential for far more” religious freedom:

Poor job prospects “due to [his] past history” made finding him a job that allowed a beard “an undue pressure on public funds” so requiring he shave “is deemed to be an acceptable infringement of the religious freedom”:

Immigrants say that “officials at the detention center “ignored or denied” requests for “religiously compliant [meals], … to make their five daily prayers …, and to have access to … like prayer rugs and copies of the Quran”:

The court ruled regarding “a claim of illegal surveillance at Orange County mosques that the government could not cite state secrets privilege in denying a class action lawsuit brought by the ACLU”:

China no longer limits its repression of Islam and Muslims to its own citizens:

“One staff member was physically injured during the morning’s confrontations, and another official resigned after being accused of making anti-Muslim comments”:

Our European allies are not engaged in a bluff on Iran, but in “what the game theorist and nuclear strategist Thomas Schelling calls a tripwire“:

Self-styled “private mossads” hound American citizens and seek to alter the outcomes of American elections …

… “Probe finds ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ snipers intentionally shot at children, civilians during 2018 Gaza rallies” …

… “men, women and children said nothing would keep them away from the holy site”:

… To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “Like Pharaoh’s tribe it was drownded in the tide”:

“I’m comfortable covering my hair the same way you’re comfortable covering your tits. And it’s not for me to say you’re oppressed by your top and your bra”:

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