News and Analysis (3/7/19)

As Democrats hastily try to rebalance the wording in their resolution …

… we wonder if their hair trigger for the woman who apologized for her insensitive remarks rather than the man unrepentant about defending real anti-Semites is because she’s black, Muslim, female, and calls out apartheid?

Elhady “she was put in a freezing holding cell for hours, causing him to shake uncontrollably and his lips to turn blue. He was eventually taken to a hospital for treatment”:

An ex-CIA officer is shocked by an article “based on the premise that war with Iran is desirable for the United States and, acting behind the scenes, Israel, so it is therefore necessary to come up with an excuse to start it”:

Israel brazenly “claims that water sources in the area are illegal … [although] the water comes from wells in the village and inside Palestinian lands”:

Not allowed to select her own counsel “she refused to attend the trial” where she was convicted in absentia on charges of “encouraging corruption and prostitution” (i.e., defending woman who remove their headscarves):






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