News and Analysis (3/14/19)

“Pirro doesn’t know the constitution, doesn’t know American history, doesn’t know her own tradition of Catholicism, and doesn’t have the slightest idea about Islam”:

“This is 100 percent the same thing as making children take their test on Christmas or Easter. It would never happen”:

The arrest of Serikzhan Bilash by Kazakh police for “inciting ethnic hatred … has raised questions about China’s efforts to silence critics of its policies in Xinjiang”:

“The senior noncommissioned officer believed that Valdovinos, 26, who has an approved exemption from her brigade commander to wear a hijab in uniform, was wearing her hair out of regulations underneath it”:

“This is the harshest sentence Amnesty International has documented against a human rights defender in Iran in recent years, suggesting that the authorities … are stepping up their repression” …

… national security laws “are so vague that any peaceful exercise of the right to freedom of expression can also be interpreted by the Iranian authorities to repress those who criticize them”:

A “proposed transfer of U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia has raised concerns in Tehran’:

“Rouhani’s meeting with Sistani and the generally positive reception the Iranian leader received in Iraq is a reminder of the limits of the “zero-sum prism that [the United States] views much of its regional rivalry with Iran”:

“Palestinians in the West Bank live under a system that was supposed to last just five years … [but] Israel dug in by building an extensive network of roads, military bases, settlements and quarries”:






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