News and Analysis (3/20/19)

“When minority identity politics overreaches, it lamentably forces Christians to bake cakes for gays. When a majority united by ethno-nationalistic passions does so, mass violence … isn’t off-limits”:

Until Australian media and politicians realize their role in what led to the Christchurch tragedy, they will continue to “kill the deceased and march in his funeral procession”:

Erdogan responds to white nationalism with Turkish nationalism, “we have been here for 1,000 years and God willing we will be until doomsday. You will not be able to make Istanbul Constantinople”:

Unlike Spike Lee’s BlackKKlansman, who sought to expose the KKK, this “35-year-old black man – had called the Ku Klux Klan over and over again because” he shares their hatred of Islam:

Delayed entry to help bury victims due to remarks he denies making about gays, he is on ISIS’ hit list for opposing “violence in the name of Islam, and urges people to follow the laws of the country they live in”:

“Oyub Titiev, 61, had worked for years investigating allegations of abuse ranging from torture to murder under the increasingly autocratic rule of the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov”:

“[T]he French state wants to regulate and confine the Muslim presence – in particular, the visibility of Muslim women – through legal means” …

… and although “there is still no indication by the Australian government that anyone of a Muslim or migrant background is welcome or safe in this country,” one Aussie Muslim woman declares, “This time I am done hiding”:

“The Malay parties in Pakatan Harapan have to pander to the conservatives by regressing to religio-racial supremacy in order to maintain a foothold in the Malay vote bank, especially in view of … [recent] crushing defeats”:

His plan to designate the IRG “as a foreign terrorist organization … would be the first time the United States designated a unit of another government’s military as a terrorist group.” Is sauce for the IRG sauce for the IDF?






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