News and Analysis (3/23/19)

Penalties for students “who criticize the Kingdom while abroad are daunting: passport freezes, death threats, intimidation, retraction of scholarships, and attempts to lure them back to the country”:

“62 Palestinians [were] also wounded by Israeli forces” and the UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel’s “‘apparent intentional use of unlawful lethal and other excessive force’ against civilian protesters”:

“I feel like she understands us, and she understands what we need… She’s talking to the world about how you should be treating your Muslim population” …

… and “[i]n a day without precedent, people across New Zealand were planning to observe the Muslim call to prayer Friday”:

“Religious detainees have had their religious texts and items confiscated, been forced to eat forbidden foods, and have even watched as U.S. immigration agents threw their holy objects into the garbage:

“An American bigot told her to cease defending Islam because were she to remove her headscarf her father would beat her up, but her Saudi father said, “That’s no man’s decision to make… I’ll support you” either way:

“Several Arabic and Muslim teenagers were assaulted in separate incidents this past week … [apparently] by students from John F. Kennedy High School who traveled to South Paterson after school looking for victims”:

“Our aim will be that whatever we can do for conciliation in the Middle East, we want to play that role” — Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan






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