News and Analysis (3/26/19)

The history of Muslims in New Zealand, which goes back to 1769, includes helping “in the construction of Christchurch Cathedral by transporting stones from the Port Hills quarry” …

… yet the community has been spied on, and even a government official’s statement saying not all Muslims are terrorists suggested that “she could only ever see a terror threat coming from Islamic extremists” …

“[T]hose in the West who promote the idea that Islam and liberal democratic values are incompatible … demonise Muslim communities by conflating Islam and the Wahhabi ideology that the West has empowered”:

An ex-Marine planned to blow up an Islamic Center. When he saw his little daughter’s reaction to his murderous hatred, he instead went to the center to learn about Islam. What he learned changed his life:

Claiming they are Indian citizens falsely caught up in the BJP’s anti-immigration sweep, question the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council’s jurisdiction saying their village is in another district:

A minister “in Cape Town, has been accused of heresy’ by two other ministers, because he referred to Muslims ‘as ‘brothers and sisters’ and ‘children of God’” … in solidarity with the [Christchurch] victims”:

The video suggests that IDF soldiers executed not car-ramming assailants, but innocents who “collided accidentally with an Israeli army vehicle that had broken down on a narrow road in the middle of the night”:

Shortly before the PA legislature swore in its first Muslim legislator, another legislator delivered an opening prayer asserting “Jesus, you are our only hope” and thanking God that Trump stands with Israel …

… while in the UK despite suspensions over “objectionable content, including calling Muslims ‘cavemen,’ Saudis ‘sand peasants’ and comparing Asian people to dogs … most … have been readmitted to the party”:

“It was the disparity between the life of Khadija and the lives of some modern British Muslim women, still repressed under cultural rules in the 21st century, that inspired me to become a women’s rights activist”:

A look at the Australian cesspool in which an “’absolutely inter-related’ mix of misogyny and racism” which meet in “white male supremacy” has bred both the Christchurch shooter and the politician who defended him:






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