News and Analysis (3/28/19)

It is disturbing that even in the 21st century some Virginians cant morally distinguish killing chickens for food from enslaving humans for the color of their skin:

“CelebrateMercy, has over the past two years given $115,000 to vandalized Jewish cemeteries and memorials …, and facilitated the donation of around $238,000 to the Tree of Life … Congregation in Pittsburgh”:

“[B]ased upon the separation of state and society, … [Islam] brought down the walls separating regional civilizations … and gave birth to some of [its] most celebrated historical figures in culture, science, and art”:

Her message to the hypocrites in office: “You cannot march with us against the Muslim Ban as you condemn Congresswoman Omar and sign off large military packages to an apartheid state” …

… “[T]he idea of Muslims and Jews as naturally opposed is an extension of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in hopes to reduce the political conflict to a religious one …. [and to] pit Muslims and Jews against one another”:

“[I]n feminist circles… [t]here is seldom more than one Muslim woman in the room, much less a black Muslim woman. These spaces lack a fundamental understanding of Muslimah agency” …

… and “there are only 3 Muslim MEPs out of a total of 751. And since they are all men, Muslim women are invisible in the EU parliament (with the exception of some of the cleaners)”:

“Her intimate portraits highlight Muslim women of all ages, backgrounds, and careers …  to combat stereotypical and monolithic representations of Muslim women and create a space of inclusion and belonging”:

“Issa Amro … was arrested by Palestinian security forces … after  criticizing the Palestinian authorities on Facebook for arresting a journalist in Hebron who had been critical of President Mahmoud Abbas”:

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