News and Analysis (4/5/19)

Brunei is characterized by a lavish lifestyle for the sultan and “Shellfarism” for the masses …

… Gulf state welfarism stands in the way of “copying China’s model of economic growth while tightening political control”:

“In what is now a region-wide phenomenon, moderation became a rhetorical tool to wield against opposition and consolidate state power”:

“American hackers who once worked for U.S. intelligence agencies helped the United Arab Emirates spy on … Arab media figures during” its 2017 confrontation with Qatar:

Twelve years ago she would have banned the niqab, but after seeing how “debates on how Muslim women dress or don’t dress really excite racists and Islamophobes … I’m not on either side. I’m on the women’s side”:

“The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran declined to comment. Iran has said the site is a carpet-cleaning facility. Israel’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment”:

New Zealand has gotten high marks in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre, but racism and threats that have forced organizers to drop a Muslim prayer for security reasons are cause for “disgust”:

An Iranian company is proposing a blockchain solution to Iran’s (and the world’s) traffic congestion problems but needs to register the ICO in another country “because such offerings are currently illegal in Iran”:

The festival includes the documentary that follows the then professor at a Christian university, during a “firestorm that ensued following her social media post stating that Muslims and Christians worship the same God”:

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