News and Analysis (4/8/19)

How and why the Saudis are changing their tactics for controlling the Islamic resurgence from donations promoting reactionary extremism to commercial investment promoting quietest conservatism:

The saber-rattling dance before the war:

“A handful of Muslims took a stand during the hundred days of slaughter. Their stance inspired thousands of Rwandans to become Muslim in what was once called Africa’s most Catholic country”:

The sacrilegious execution of Domineque Ray is only the tip of a very ugly iceberg:

Islamophobia trumps capitalism as a “French value”: elected officials are outraged by Decathalon’s defense of free markets, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion:

“I’ve never questioned my faith. I tend to question other religious leaders. … We’re stuck in the middle between two communities that cannot …even correspond with one another without being heard. It’s very frustrating” …

… yet sex-reassignment surgery has been legal in Iran since Ayatollah, Khomeini, moved by a trans woman’s plight “issued a fatwa allowing the procedure, which a cleric later compared to changing wheat into bread”:

“We will move to the next stage, the imposing of Israeli sovereignty” — Netanyahu:

“Haftar, with arms support from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, launched a military operation to recapture Tripoli from the GNA” which is a “recognised member of the Arab League and the” UN:

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