News and Analysis (8/21/09)

If upheld, the ruling would take away what attorney David Cole calls “a blunt sledgehammer that permits the government to shut down charities indefinitely without any finding of wrongdoing”:

In the wake of the arrest of five New Jersey rabbis for illegal body part sales, a leftist paper’s explosive claim provokes cries of anti-Semitism from a liberal rival:

The 19-year-old “making her debut in a regional women’s league … has not said if she will play without the scarf”:

Holbroke says he “would not be surprised if you see candidates claiming victory and fraud in the next few days”:

As U.S. drones continue to hit the border areas …

… Zardari panders to Beijing’s yearning for endorsement from Muslim countries for policies critics say “suppressed Uighur religious life”:

The “only person convicted in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing” continues to maintain his innocence:

A Kremlin source calls the rebels’ claim of responsibility for destruction of a dam “idiotic”:






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