News and Analysis (4/14/19)

The attacker was charged “with simple assault, harassment, cyber harassment and disorderly conduct” but the victim has also been punished:

Political loss in big city municipalities threatens “the large patronage networks and clientelist financial structure that offers highly lucrative contracts to [Erdogan’s] cronies, including the media sector”:

A synagogue backed out as conference venue after an article charged “that some of the groups and speakers at the event have a ‘disturbing’ history of anti-Muslim and anti-gay rhetoric, and support for far-right causes”:

An authentic representation of American Muslim life that is above all funny, Hulu’s Ramy could be “could grow into one of those cultural mainstays viewers can’t stop talking about”:

Inspired by Trump’s reckless policy, the Iranian “Parliament passed an emergency bill requesting that countries that arrest U.S troops should hand them over to Iran to face trial as terrorists”:

“Netanyahu engineered a deal that will end up bringing the overtly racist and fascist Jewish Power party—whose members advocate the expulsion of Palestinians—into the next government if he forms it”:

Trita Parsi explains why the neocons are not only “pushing a clueless Trump closer to open conflict with Iran” but “will entrap future administrations … in a no-win enmity with Iran”:

Her lawyer says the supreme leader has pardoned her from the one year sentence for protesting mandatory hijab law:

The responses to the posts of the group of young people trying to speak out online about their desire to live freely are too hostile to be believable. Are they bots? Salaries employees of an Israeli ministry? Kahane supporters?”






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