News and Analysis (4/16/19)

“A fire broke out at Al-Marwani Prayer Room in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound yesterday, at the same time as the world watched Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames”:

“Omar was arguably incautious with her choice of words… , but those who dragged her for this were engaged in ‘patriotic correctness,’ a right-wing variety of political correctness”:

“The counsel informed the bench that Muslim women were allowed to enter a mosque at the holy Mecca and also in Canada”:

The Urdu language Pakistani program aired in Britain contained vicious, unsubstantiated and even absurd (e.g., that the repressed Ahmadis enjoy a favored status over other Muslims in Pakistan) allegations:

“For the first time ever in the Israeli prisons, Israel agreed on installing payphones in the prisoners’ cells” to allow them to speak to their families after they threatened to escalate the no-food strike to a no-water strike:

“Amnesty International decried the ‘mockery of justice’ and ‘mass arbitrary denaturalisation'”:

U.S. blindness to the reality of Israeli occupation and to Palestinian politics means it cannot succeed in resolving the conflict:

“Airbnb cannot wash its hands by donating profits from unlawful settlement listings. So long as they continue to broker rentals on land stolen from Palestinians … they remain complicit in the abuses”:

Netanyahu’s “idea is to promote the lie that Iran could be hiding evidence of a nuclear project to back up the president’s statements about how we can’t trust intelligence sources or the IAEA”:

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