News and Analysis (4/19/19)

Candidate Trump correctly stated that American Middle East policy “made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before” but on Tuesday he “vetoed a resolution to do exactly that”:

“[O]wnership of about 90 percent of land in the eastern part of the city is not listed in the Israel Land Registry, Consequently, Palestinian … [landowners] cannot submit applications for construction permits”:

The winner’s choice of a running mate intolerant of “Shiites, Ahmadiyya Muslims, LGBTQ people, and more … shows how … Islamic credentials have become central to authority and credibility in Indonesian politics“:

Designed “to target Muslims, especially Muslim women wearing the hijab or niqab, … in also condemning kippot, the bill inadvertently calls attention to the profound affinity between Islam and Judaism”:

500 were placed in administrative detention, which allows detainees to be held indefinitely without charge or trial”:

“Intelligence officials reportedly were concerned about the report’s framing, saying they suspected it was painting Iran in a deliberately unflattering light rather than providing an objective assessment” …

… meanwhile, designating the IRGC a foreign terrorist organization threatens “the passage of bills that would have Iran meet international standards for combating money laundering and terrorism financing”:

“We do not have free media. We have a state-run TV and radio. If we had 500 media outlets, cyberspace would not have been so congested. [People resort to cyberspace] because they have no other place”–Rouhani …

… like criminalizing women who wear no headscarf, criminalizing those who don’t “is an extreme form of gender-based discrimination and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that deeply damages women’s dignity”:

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said relations with Turkey are the best they’ve been in decades, while Rouhani struck a conciliatory tone amid Saudi and Emirati flood aid”:

“I think as the world increasingly becomes more polarized, there’s more people willing to listen to Palestinians”–Journalist and filmmaker Mariam Shahin:

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