News and Analysis (4/25/19)

“Sri Lanka’s Muslim civil society movements and associations have called upon authorities to immediately arrest and punish the perpetrators of Sunday Easter bombings that killed more than 350 people” …

… and the leader of the group accused of the massacre was the subject of complaints “to authorities … since 2017”:

Against “the backdrop of an attempt to minimize the role of civil society organizations, Austrian Muslim organizations seem to function as a playground for implementing more authoritarian policies”:

Harsh policies towards Iran give “all those factions and centers of power who would normally want to rein in the Corps’ disproportionate amount of influence … no choice but to strengthen it” …

… while an expert calls a policy which lost a war in Syria and expended blood and treasure to strengthen Iran’s position in Iraq, and leaving our only reliable regional ally “an authoritarian, brutal state under a boy-king”:

“Implicit in Ramy and Nour’s interaction is the idea that Ramy’s reservations are not tied to a commitment to celibacy, but rather to his idea that sexual liberation (and impropriety) is reserved only for white women”:

Israeli officials foresee a scenario in which they are the foreign country is “dragged into” interfering in America’s next “presidential contest if Iran deal becomes a major issue”:

He fled violence in Iraq only to be taunted as a terrorist in the U.S.:

“This government for the first time in Pakistan’s [history] is dismantling any militant group in our country” — Imran Khan:

An “autobiographical manuscript has been translated from its original Arabic and housed at the Library of Congress, where it ‘annihilates’ the conventional narrative of African slaves as uneducated and uncultured”:

“Palestinians did and still are. They have always filled the labor-intensive sector of the construction industry. Everyone knows this, but it is the subject of widespread denial”:

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