News and Analysis (5/1/19)

The argument that Islam is not a religion has “nothing to do with a philosophical interrogation of ‘religion’ generally” but is actually about “depriving Muslims of rights”:

Churches that “held solidarity events with the [Muslims] after the Christchurch shootings” have been targeted for pamphlets proclaiming “Islam is the enemy, this is a declaration of war, this is them versus us”:

“In the 1960s, … the Brotherhood formally codified its opposition to violence in a tract titled, ‘Preachers, Not Judges'” and “there has been no evidence since then that the … organization … has engaged in violence”:

“In 1991 [SIS] published … Are Women & Men Equal Before Allah? that advocated the message of equality in Islam, and Are Muslim Men Allowed to Beat Their Wives?” in support criminalizing domestic violence”:

“They will be forced out of public spaces to stay at home and will be unable to work, study or access basic services. The ban violates their rights to non-discrimination, freedom of expression and religion”:

“Competition between Iraq’s two main external backers polarizes its politics and paralyzes day-to-day operations. … It must reduce its binary dependency on Washington and Tehran”:

The “Pakistani national anthem is almost entirely in Persian. …  Prominent Pakistanis such as the country’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and its first president Iskander Mirza, were Shia Muslims”:

“Can someone explain why Palestinian deaths at the hands of illegal Israeli settlers and IDF terrorists is not news?”

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