News and Analysis (8/25/09)

Senator Wyden suggests the investigation passes over “Justice Department lawyers and senior Bush administration officials” while “lower ranking troops who committed abuses were hung out to dry’”…

… Meanwhile, the Obama administration will continue the practice of transferring prisoners abroad with “diplomatic assurances” that torture will not be used:

The conservative political alliance, which has close ties to Iran, could completely reshape Iraqi leadership for the election slated in January:

Israeli policy continues to steal Palestinian land and leaves any future state resembling a piece of swiss cheese…

… However, some Palestinians refuse to surrender their homes without a fight:

Lawyers for the youngest Guantanamo detainee claim he was only 12 years old when he was sent to the prison seven years ago:

Denying that unsuccessful attempts to get the defendant to appeal her sentence are a response to international pressure, Malaysia insists “the government wants to ensure that the spirit of the Islamic legal system was implemented properly”:


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