News and Analysis (5/12/19)

“According to the UN, more Palestinians have been displaced in East Jerusalem in the first four months of 2019 than in all of 2018: 193 displaced persons, compared to 176”:

For Jared Kushner “to claim [Palestinians] have received more aid than any group in history ignores the fact that Israel has received far more, year after year, just from the United States”:

It smacks of idolatry, and one Palestinian intellectual calls the booklet’s distribution suited for tyrannical regimes saying, “we should educate our children on the values of liberty, dignity, criticism, freedom of expression”:

“The deployment of a US aircraft carrier to Iran’s regional waters is nothing but psychological warfare and part of a plan to intimidate Tehran, the head of the Revolutionary Guards Corps” told parliament behinds closed-doors”:

“Iran’s parliament struck a blow for women’s rights by overwhelmingly voting to confer citizenship on children born to an Iranian mother and foreign father”:

“‘Call me,’ Donald Trump said to Iran’s leaders on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, a top commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said no”:






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