News and Analysis (5/14/19)

“More professional journalists have been imprisoned, often with life sentences, in Turkey than any other nation in the world”:

Bolton envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East” but the new plans “do not call for a land invasion of Iran, which would require vastly more troops” …

… but Pompeo’s “push for a united transatlantic front against Tehran and its nuclear program … failed to bend attitudes among leaders who fear that the United States and Iran are inching toward war” …

… one “possible reason to hold a meeting of senior White House officials at Langley is if there is disagreement about what the intelligence shows on a particular subject” (as with Dick Cheney on Iraq) …

… as politicization of a report on Iran’s arms control compliance has raised fears that Trump’s advisers may be using “bogus and exaggerated intelligence” as Bush’s advisers did re: the 2003 invasion of Iraq” …

… and the head of Iran’s National Security Foreign Policy Committee condemns the recently reported attacks on commercial shipping, blaming unnamed third parties and has demanded the perpetrators be identified” …

… There has never been a better opportunity for Donald Trump to employ his famous catchphrase, “You’re fired!”:

Iranian “officials have vowed to adopt better monetary and fiscal policies in order to protect the public from the recession. But … Iran needs to continue buying and selling goods, and earning hard currency”:

The “barriers placed on women to enjoin in spiritual practices crucial to their lives and their interpretation of their faith … [belongs not] to one particular faith but instead one particular gender”:

Trump wished Muslims “Ramadan Karim” after misrepresenting Rashida Tlaib’s comments calling for a safe haven for Jews …

… She actually said: “I want a safe haven for Jews. … [M]y ancestors … had to suffer for that to happen, but I will not turn my back and allow others to hijack it … because they’re coming from a place of… division, inequality” …

… while an imam is smeared after praying we be not deterred by “hatred that has claimed the lives of innocent worshipers across the world, but emboldened by the love that gathered them together to remember you”:

When the Ramadan fast ends this June, Muslims are supposed to feast, but thanks to Israel, Egypt, and the U.S., the Gazans may not be able to:






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